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MagicPen™ - 3D Pen


"I tried another product before this one to make sure I liked 3d pen printing. That one got clogged as soon as I tried to use a diff filament... but this one is great. It hasn't clogged at all and I've used it over several days for hours with many filament changes. Even if it does, it has a little maintenance door you can open to access and fix the clog. Aside from that, it has great control options, both temp and speed and they work as intended. There is a learning curve but it is fun to create with and there are no regrets with this purchase. I'd recommend it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - H. Amanda

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Children absorb information from their surroundings like sponges, so introducing activities that cultivate creativity is essential to their well-being. The problem is, that it is difficult to find something interesting enough for a child to pick up as a hobby as anything not tech-related such as painting is considered outdated and old. Getting kids to appreciate art and crafts is a challenge, but something new and modern could be appealing enough.


Introducing MagicPen™, the crafty tool with futuristic capabilities. With this pen, three-dimensional physical objects are created out of thin air using colored PLA filaments that stack up, harden, and stick together with ease. The ability to instantly erect 3D forms is great for kids, artists, and professionals alike because it breathes life to an idea, similar to how a computer render helps with visualization. Brainstorming in multiple dimensions, planning, and executing structural concepts helps develop special skills to which creativity is the only limit.



✅ Develops Creativity: Because the 3D PEN is designed to make three-dimensional structures, it helps cultivate spatial thinking, imagination, and the ability to imagine shapes beyond a flat blank canvass.


✅ Made For Everyone: MagicPen™ is made for children, hobbyists, artists, and professionals alike as it opens a new world of possibilities. It is easy to use, maintain, and fun to work with.

✅ Real-Life Applications: The ability to instantly visualize a concept is useful in the field of architecture, design, product development, science, art, and more. Computer renders are no longer needed as your hands actualize your ideas so you can get a good look and feel of your work.


✅ Environmentally Friendly: The 3D PEN works with biodegradable PLA plastic, which is made with corn starch or sugar cane so you can go on with your work guilt-free knowing no harm is done to the environment.





1. Plug in the power supply.

2. Click the power button.

3. Click any key on both ends of the screen to select PLA/ABS mode.

4. After the mode is confirmed click the white button to confirm heating.

5. The indicator light turns green and heating is complete.

6. Put the filament into the feed inlet, click on the discharge to start painting. 

7. Click the discharge button to exit the filament. 



We understand how frustrating it is to try and find a creative activity that kids will enjoy. Competing with phones and computers is difficult if arts and crafts are the only alternative options available as endeavors such as painting are too slow and unexciting. Searching for the right tool that is modern enough to sustain interest while providing creative value should not be something parents struggle with.


Fortunately, MagicPen™ is not only fun but is also creative and practical. With a wide range of potential applications, important lessons such as proper planning, visualization, patience, and focus are learned, which help with character development. Give your children the tool that will help them advance their inventiveness, hand skills, and creativity, so they get used to acting on ideas with confidence.





Spinning Speed: Adjustable

Printing Consumables: PLA 1.75mm material

Heating Temperature: Within The Range Of 180-220 Degrees

Direct Nozzle: 0.7mm

Children should be supervised at all times while using this product.





(1) X MagicPen™ - 3D Pen

(1) X USB Cable

(1) X Manual


(3) X Colorful PLA



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