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“I love this! My dog would always roll and slide when I made a turn or hit the brakes. Not anymore! This was simple to install. You literally just put it over your headrest and tighten it, that’s it! As for my dog, he loves it! He feels safe so he can finally sleep during car rides. He doesn’t get car sickness anymore either! The pockets on the outside are just an added bonus. Can’t recommend this enough!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Nikkita A.
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Driving with a dog in the car can be overwhelming, especially when they can’t seem to sit still and become highly distracting. 65% of dog owners confess to taking part in at least one distracting activity while driving with their dog in the car. Minimizing distractions in today's fast-moving world is crucial whilst driving to ensure a safe trip.

Introducing the DogPro, a dog car seat that keeps small-sized to mid-sized dogs safe and comfortable while driving. The carrier is equipped with adjustable straps and reinforced metal clips to fit around any car headrest. It is an effective way to prevent motion sickness, protect dogs from falling during abrupt stops, and help keep the driver's eyes on the road. 




KEEP DOGS SAFE: Sharp turns and abrupt stops can be unavoidable at times. This seat ensures dogs do not fall over keeping them safe and sound during travels.

✅ WITHSTANDS LONG-TERM USE: Engineered with durability in mind, this seat can withstand repetitive, intense use. Dogs will maintain a healthy temperature since the mesh fabric promotes high levels of ventilation

The entire seat folds down to allow for maximum portability. Easily store this under a car seat to have it at the ready whenever it is needed!

KEEP THE CAR LOOKING FANTASTIC: This seat acts as a protective layer between a dog's nails and the seat. Maintain the quality of a car's interior by preventing scratches, urine, and vomit from touching the seat.

Installation is hassle-free and takes less than 30 seconds. The straps can be adjusted to fit around any headrest so that the seat is locked in place!

How to Use

  1. Insert the PVC tubes and close the velcro
  2. Place the dog carrier car seat either in the back seat or the front seat
  3. Check if the carrier is secured

We understand that it can be nerve-racking to drive with your dog in the car since they are your best friend and if anything happened to them it would be devastating. Dogs are naturally uncomfortable in cars so it is common for them to develop motion sickness and want to move around causing distractions. Being aware of this, you may want to give them attention but that ultimately puts both of your lives in danger.

Thankfully, the DogPro will help alleviate these worries by providing your dog with the support and comfortability that they need during car rides. In addition, this will keep their nails off the car seat and prevent urine from touching the inside of your car, therefore providing peace of mind when it comes to interior cleanliness. Enjoy driving, distraction-free, knowing that your dog is safe and sound in your car, even during those long drives.  



Product Specifications

Length: 15.8 in
Width: 13.8 in

Package Contents

(1) Dog Carrier

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