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HealthySleep™ - Baby Sleep Wrap


"Was in a rush, procrastinating as usual, and realized there's a new baby on the way, and I haven't bought anything! Thankfully I found this, and now I feel like I need to have my own child just to buy it one of these. So soft, so cute, so practical but also photo friendly. Cute!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - D. Julie

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Swaddling, or the practice of gently wrapping newborn babies to steady them, has a calming effect that helps infants sleep through the night. However, failing to follow safety guidelines and proper wrapping techniques can cause discomfort, overheating, and slow motor skill development because of inhibited limb movement. Using the wrong fabric or random store-bought baby wraps is risky and requires special attention.


Introducing HealthySleep™, a cozy wrap that is tight enough to keep the baby from shifting, and loose enough to allow movement and airflow. Made with skin-friendly cotton on the inside and breathable polyester on the outside, it stays warm but cool enough to be comfortable. Placing the baby inside is easy, even if he wriggles, thanks to a simple but effective fastening system for easy closing and opening.



✅ Full-Body Wrap: HealthySleep™ is a multi-layered baby wrap that covers infants from head to toe, reminding them of the tight comfort of the womb. The sack includes boots and a hood for maximum warmth and protection.


✅ Adjustable: The baby wrap's expandable design and easy adjustability ensure extended use beyond early infancy as the baby grows and her need for space increases.

✅ Baby-Friendly Materials: HealthySleep™ is made with soft and skin-friendly fabric which stays warm but permeable, so that baby comfortably sleeps through the night.


✅ Cute & Easy To Maintain: The baby wrap comes in different animal patterns to make a baby look cute and photo-ready. To clean, wash by hand or washing machine for maximum convenience.



We understand how having a delicate newborn enter our lives can make us anxious. The risk of falling or rolling over, getting startled, and waking up at night are realities that parents have to manage. Keeping infants snug and tight while their sleep helps, but using pillows can cause suffocation while wrapping with the wrong technique is time-consuming and may cause overheating or mild injury. An effective wrap that is easy to use will make all the difference.


Luckily, HealthySleep™ prioritizes comfort and safety for your peace of mind. Placing the baby inside the wrap is simple with Velcro locks, and hook-and-loop fastening systems that can be closed and opened quickly. Relax as your child feels warm and comfortable, sleeping soundly through the night. Feel confident knowing that your newborn is snug and happy so you can focus on creating more bonding moments.





Ages: 0-9 Months

Material: Cotton

Gender: Unisex





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