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BrightPup™ - Led Display Collar

“This collar makes me so happy, and I swear my dog knows when he has it on. The bounce in his step is just a little higher. Many neighbors and random walkers/runners stop to look at it, and my dog just soaks up every bit of all of the attention! The lights are bright, the text legible, the app easy to use. I don’t know if I would trust the strength of the collar to be the only leash point for my huge lab, so I just use his regular collar for that and simply clip this around his neck. It’s fun to change up the text, but it also serves the purpose of lighting up my dog on our 5:00am runs.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Jay S.
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Dogs, man’s best friend, deserve plenty of love and attention every day and this, of course, includes daily walks. Busy schedules and life commitments often mean walk time can be in the dark of night or early morning which unfortunately brings with it safety issues for pup in low light. Oncoming traffic, other pedestrians or the struggle of keeping sight of an off-lead dog in the dark can make an enjoyable walk very stressful.

Introducing the BrightPup™ LED dog collar, the perfect way to ensure that dog walking, whether late at night or early in the morning, is a safe and stress-free experience for both dog and owner. With a range of bright colors to choose from at the click of a button, this waterproof collar is not only functional but attractive too. Perfect for walking in any type of weather, both owner and pups' safety is enhanced by lighting the path ahead and increasing visibility dramatically to cars and people nearby. 



LEAVE DARK WALKS BEHIND FOR GOOD: Integrated super bright, multicolor LEDs. Never walk in complete darkness again, lighting the path ahead.

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT:  With the BrightPup™ LED dog collar both owner and pup are highly visible to oncoming traffic during nighttime walks. Walk with confidence knowing motorists and pedestrians can spot pup from far away.


STRESS-FREE OFF-LEASH EXPERIENCE The powerful light from the LEDs ensures that pup can roam freely and still be easy to track. With BrightPup™ dogs can be let loose to burn energy in low light with confidence.

MESSAGE MODE: Help notify others with customized messages like “I Bite” or “I’m Shy” controlled via the associated app. Avoid embarrassing or potentially dangerous encounters with a clear warning.


LONG LIFE BATTERY: Forget about constantly replacing batteries with a built-in USB rechargeable design. Daily use on a single charge will give approximately 6-9 hours of use.

EASY TO CLEAN: Dogs love to rough and tumble, dash through puddles, or dive headfirst into mud. The BrightPup™ is built with this in mind using strong and waterproof materials.


Step 1: Adjust the buckle to fit snugly around the dog's neck, cut off any excess of the fabric strap if desired.

Step 2: Follow provided instructions to install the LED Collar app and pair the app and Collar via Bluetooth.

Step 3: Create and save the desired message, animation, or color.

Step 4: For future walks simply power on the Collar to have your design displayed immediately.


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We understand how disappointing it can be if an outing is avoided due to the discomfort of walking in the dark. Being afraid to trip over an uneven curb or misjudge a step is a valid concern, not to mention the associated dangers for the beloved family pet not being clearly visible. Research, published by Jama Surgery in August 2019, demonstrated alarmingly that the number of adults who have been injured whilst walking their dog has increased by 150% over the last 13 years, walking in the dark being a key factor.

If you enjoy your daily walk with your furry friend, but often only have the time late at night or in the early hours of the morning, the BrightPup™ LED dog collar is a must-have. Illuminate the path ahead with super bright, color-changing LEDs to avoid injury and enhance safety in low light. Allow pup to roam freely in open areas or enclosed dog parks with the confidence that they will remain easy to track as they take some much-needed time to burn energy.

Package Contents

1 x BrightPup™ LED Dog Collar

1 x USB Charge Cable (USB Wall adapter not included)


Product Specifications

Size: 20-24" / 50-60cm (Please measure your dog's neck circumference carefully)

Screen Size: 15 x 3cm

Material: Polyester, mesh fabric, and TPU LED

Weight: 170g

Charging mode: USB

Battery parameters: Please use a 5V USB adapter (not included)

Duration: 6 to 9 hours per charge.

Modes: Animation, DIY Message, and single/multicolor.


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