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MagicSmoke™ - Electric Cocktail Smoker


"It arrived well packaged. The instructions that came along with it were simple. Just assemble everything and add the wood chip that's included and light it up. One tip, start the smoke gun first and then light up the chip. This causes the chip to light up faster and produce smoke immediately. I can't wait to try it with another type of wood chips! The gun is sturdy and have a decent weight to it. It doesn't topple over when you move the hose to smoke your food/drinks. If you don't have a smoker container try using a zip lock bag for food or a decanter for your drinks. I highly recommend it!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - S. Eric

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Entertaining at home has become a trend since the recent pandemic kept most of the world indoors. However, hosting guests is not easy as proper meal and drinks planning is needed to avoid embarrassment and negative reactions. The issue is that restaurant-quality presentation is costly and time-consuming, turning a supposedly fun evening stressful for the host. Discovering a way to make an impression without trying too hard is very much needed.


Introducing MagicSmoke™, an innovative home-use smoking device that will even impress professional bartenders and cooks. Add flavor and visible smoke to cocktails as professionals do, thrilling guests and starting conversations. It only takes 3-5 minutes to achieve results whether at picnics, barbecues, or other people's homes, as the Smoker is easy to use, clean, and transport.



✅ Presentation: MagicSmoke™ adds smoke and aroma to cocktails in just 3-5 minutes, adding the wow factor to drinks and making you look like a professional bartender.


✅ Flavor: The electric cocktail smoker adds a smokey taste to both drinks and food. Experiment with flavor by using different wood chips, herbs, spices, or other materials and discover new recipes.

✅ Ease Of Use: The electric cocktail smoker is portable, user-friendly, and easy to clean. Bring to any indoor and outdoor event and make people smile.


✅ Also Works On Food: MagicSmoke™ effectively adds smokey taste and presentation akin to molecular cuisine to meat, fish, and seafood. Surprise your guests when you tell them you smoke your own meat.





1. Insert 2*AA batteries.

2. Add wood chips.

3. Switch on.

4. Light wood chips.

5. Smoke the food or drink.

6. Turn off and clean.

We understand how much pressure comes with hosting guests at home. Preparing the menu is stressful as we want to leave an impression, but trying too hard can take the fun out of entertaining. Serving cocktails is always a hit, however making them look presentable is hard, which is why bars in the US charge an average of $16-$20 per drink. Attempting to create our versions of professional-looking cocktails is expensive with the wrong equipment and often yields disappointing results.


Fortunately, with MagicSmoke™ elevating cocktail presentation is easy. Add taste and sophistication to the drinks you serve in just a few minutes so that you have more time to entertain your guests. The smoke hovering above the cocktails will be a conversation starter, the subject of many pictures, and a topic that will be talked about for ages. As it also works on food, the smoker will always be a useful tool in the kitchen, even without visitors.





Material: aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, plastic

Weight: 330g gross weight

Power Supply Mode: 2 AA batteries (not included)

Product Size:  90 x 55 x 122 mm





(1) X Smoker

(1) X Sawdust

(1) X Hose

(1) X Brush

(1) X Screwdriver

(2) X Filter

(1) X Manual



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