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MegaBomb™️ - RC Tank with Water Bomb Cannon

Wow! The kids love this remote control tank! The water shots are the best! The tank can run on any type of surface and didn't have any problem with my lawn, sidewalk, driveway and flower beds. Rolls smooth and performs very well. The tank makes great sounds and the lights are cool too according to the kids. They love the water shots and are having a lot of fun with this tank. Well made and the features are great!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - J. Stroh

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Getting kids to play outdoors is difficult as phones and computers inside the comfort of the home are the preferred activities of choice nowadays. Staying inside all day deprives children of sunshine, fresh air, and impedes the development of motor and social skills, which are essential to physical and mental health. As parents, finding a toy that will encourage kids to go outside to play with their friends is a challenge.


Introducing MegaBomb™️, a remote-controlled battle tank that kids will love to test outdoors. Drive on all kinds of terrain, race, drift, move sideways, rotate 360, and shoot bullets filled with water at targets or other drivers. Non-interfering remote controllers make multi-player battle scenarios possible, promote socialization skills, tickle the imagination, and encourage fun-filled hours spent outside.



✅ Multi-Directional Driving & Stunts: MegaBomb™️ has a top speed of 15km/h, can move sideways and diagonally, it can rotate and shoot pellets from its cannon. With this many functions, the possibilities are endless.


✅ Create Multi-Player Battle Scenarios: The tank is durable and made for the outdoors. Use your creativity and create battle arenas and race tracks with official obstacles available at the store to keep it interesting.


✅ All-Terrain Use: MegaBomb™️ climbs up steep slopes and can drive on most surfaces like grass, sand, gravel, concrete, and even snow. With 4-wheel drive, the fun never stops, regardless of the obstacle.

✅ Multifunctional Remote Control: MegaBomb™️ comes with a Hand Gesture Controller option, an innovation that directs control of the car with simple hand movements for improved hand-eye coordination and faster reflexes.


✅ Long Playtime: The tank can work at maximum potential for 20 minutes. Recharging takes just 2 hours so that your kids can play multiple times a day for extended periods.




As parents, we understand how frustrating it is to see our kids in front of a screen all day instead of being active, creative, and social. A recent study found that the average American kid and adolescent spends 5-7 hours a day in front of a screen and just 4-7 minutes outdoors. The hours wasted on social media and video games contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, anxiety, and underdeveloped socialization skills. A better balance will make all the difference.


Thankfully, with MegaBomb™️, kids will look forward to playing outdoors. Creating battle scenarios, racing, and shooting at targets will help develop creativity and social skills while the sensitive remote controllers improve hand-eye coordination, motor functions, and quick thinking. Relax knowing that the RC is durable, and can manage most terrains and inclines thanks to a  powerful 4-wheel drive. This toy will balance the indoor-centric modern lifestyle and encourage outdoor fun for the whole family.





Material: PVC

Size: 7.08 in x 11.02 in x 6.3 in

Charging Time: within 120 minutes





(1) X RC Tank with Water Bomb Cannon

(1) X UAB Charging Cable

(1) X 1000 Water Bombs

(1) X Remote Control

(1) X Gesture Control



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