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MomPack - Foldable Baby Bed Crib

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“I bought this for my daughter and son-in-law as they are expecting their first baby. This is perfect for their travels in airports and will make diaper changes much easier for the new mommy and daddy. When I first suggested this style of diaper bag, they thought it was over the top. However, it was delivered in excellent condition. It is lightweight and has a lot of storage for long traveling adventures, and now they are absolutely in love with it!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Carlye P.
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Parenting is a wonderfully rewarding job that comes with a lot of added decision-making and stress, especially for new moms. According to a study conducted by, 60 percent of moms are mainly stressed about not having enough time to get everything done in a day. Looking for ways to save time and make life simpler has become a priority for new moms so that they can provide optimal support to their children while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 

Introducing the MomPack, a 4-in-one baby diaper bag that provides moms with all essential items and capabilities needed when traveling. Two main pockets and 14 functional pockets are included to allow for optimal organization and to ensure nothing is left behind. Discovering a multifunctional storage bag and charging station can make all the difference when making sure all of the relevant items for a baby are brought while traveling.




✅ ALWAYS HAVE A CHANGING STATION: This bag can be used as a changing station, a travel bed, a stroller organizer, or a travel cradle. The multifunctional capabilities of this make it a lifesaver in any situation.

✅ EXTRA COMFORT ON THE ROAD: A three-dimensional ventilation design is included to help with airflow and to promote a perfect temperature. Pack everything needed and still maintain shoulder comfortability with wide breathable mesh shoulder straps.

This bag is engineered with durability and functionality as prime requirements. The outside is made out of oxford fabric while the lining is made out of nylon fabric which means that it is waterproof and highly cleanable.

✅ KEEP THE PHONE CHARGED: A USB charging port is built into the backpack to ensure that the phone and laptop stay charged on the go. Simply connect a power bank to the port and then plug in your device to start charging it!

Separate compartments are available for every necessary item imaginable. This bag can effortlessly fit three bottles, one water cup, two spoons, two bibs, one tissue, one hat, one jacket, one pair of pants, one diaper, and one towel.

✅ LIGHTWEIGHT FOR PORTABILITY: Save energy throughout a long day by storing everything in a lightweight bag. The entire bag only weighs two lbs so bringing it anywhere is a breeze!


We understand how stressful it can be when you are a new mom and a million different responsibilities are thrown your way on a daily basis. While traveling, it can be all too easy to forget to pack something for your baby since there are countless situations you need to be prepared for. Sometimes it can feel like you need an extra set of hands just to carry everything your baby needs which can add unneeded frustration into the day-to-day.

Thankfully, we can take a deep breath and sigh of relief knowing that nothing will be forgotten when you leave the house with your baby. The MomPack will provide peace of mind since you will be prepared for any situation whether the baby needs a change, to take a nap, to drink from a bottle, or anything else! Enjoy a day out and give your baby everything they need while providing a comfortable, ventilated bed for them to rest on.   



Product Specifications

Length: 16.5 in
Width:12.6 in

Package Contents

(1) Diaper Bag

Please Note: External Power Bank required for charging port (Not Included)

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