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“I have had issues with my back for a couple of years now and didn’t know what to do. I just sort of fell in love with this product, especially since I saw that it has 4 vibration settings! It's amazing how powerful it is! Not to mention, it has long battery life too so I can travel with it. The best benefit of it though has to be how it cracks your back well and helps loosen your muscles up very nicely. I use this product just about every day and it helps so much!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Dolly P.
Verified Buyer

At-home gyms are becoming increasingly popular during these times, however, lack of motivation and proper equipment is what holds most people back from pursuing one. Most importantly, effective muscle relief methods such as steam rooms, saunas, and massage therapists are not available or too costly. Not effectively focusing on muscle recovery leads to inconsistent workouts, less intensity, and even injuries.

Introducing the RollerPro, an electric foam roller that sends vibrations into the muscles for a more effective recovery. After working out, muscles naturally feel tight, and utilizing a foam roller is great for breaking up muscle fiber adhesions or knots from forming. Three massage surfaces along with four speeds are available so that the foam roller’s use can be optimally adjusted per the individual's requirements.




✅ WORKOUT MORE CONSISTENTLY: Foam rolling and vibrating muscles reduce delayed onset muscle soreness due to working out. This allows for a faster recovery and a more consistent, powerful workout schedule.

MAKE WORKOUTS STRONGER: Properly recovering muscles makes performing intense workouts easier. Since they have fully recovered, optimal strength and effort can safely be put towards the session.

This foam roller is compact, coming in at a total length of 11 inches which allows it to fit in a standard backpack. The long battery life accommodates use while traveling.

CUSTOMIZE TO NEEDS: Depending on the area of focus and comfortability, three surfaces and four speeds are available to choose from. Through trial and error, the optimal pairing can be found to improve the level of relief.

SAVE MONEY AND TIME: Save money by not having to pay for sessions at a massage therapist to experience muscle relief. It is a great addition to any home gym owner that wants relief in the comfort of their home

How to Use

  1. Press the power button
  2. Adjust the speed according to your need and preference
  3. Enjoy and charge as needed

We understand how difficult it can be to experience the same muscle relief in your home gym as you did at a facility since access to steam rooms and massage beds isn't an option. Now, it takes longer than usual for muscle soreness to dissipate which results in an added challenge to mustering up the motivation to have a good workout. An article published by the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research shows that vibrating muscles reduce the pain of muscle soreness and tightness after training.

Thankfully, the RollerPro will allow you to accompany your home workouts with a muscle recovery routine that incorporates vibrating therapy to relieve tension. Maintain your workout schedule by reducing delayed onset muscle soreness and feeling more refreshed during your training. Enjoy relief based on settings that work for you and know that your muscles are ready for the intense workouts that are desired. 



Product Specifications

Diameter: 4.3 in
Height: 11.4 in

Package Contents

(1) Electric Yoga Roller
(1) User Manual
(1) Mesh Bag
(1) USB Cable

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