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MyWatch™ - Smart Watch For Kids


"I have to say that is watch is amazing for younger kids who do not have a phone but still need to contact you in a way. The watch is super sturdy and works amazingly. The set up is super simple and basically everything you need is included inside the package. Overall, I just think that this watch is amazing and is great quality for a phone watch that is this price. I would definitely recommend."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - T. Jessica

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There are conflicting theories about the right age for a child to own a mobile phone. Having one too early can be a distraction, while not owning one make it hard to communicate and can make them feel 'left-out' around their friends. Young kids also tend to play rough and lose things regularly, making investments in expensive technology risky. Finding a price-friendly device that supports communication would fill in the gap.


Introducing MyWatch™, a modern tool that packs in the functions of a mobile phone, but without the distractions. Voice, video calls, and GPS tracking give parents the ability to locate and contact their children at all times. The watch takes photos, sets alarms, and has basic programs which help prepare a child for more complex technology like a smartphone while feeling like he already has one.



✅ Child Safety Technology: MyWatch™ supports voice, video, group calls, and text messaging. GPS location allows parents to see where their young kids are at all times for their peace of mind.


✅ Introdution To Smartphones: The smart watch works like a smartphone but with only the essential functions like calling, messaging, taking photos, and setting alarms. This helps prepare children for smartphones, without feeling left behind by their friends who might already have one.

✅ Childproof: The smart watch is waterproof, scratch-resistant, dustproof, drop-resistant, and fitted with a food-grade silicone sweat-resistant strap so that it lasts.


✅ Great Design: MyWatch™ is sleek and modern, unlike watches made for kids so your child will feel empowered and confident.



We understand how the pressure of providing our children with smartphones can be overwhelming. We know how phones can distract and give access to harmful content, but we also know how essential they are for communication and safety. As much as we want to give our kids space, not knowing where they are causes anxiety and loss of focus.


Fortunately, MyWatch™ lets you keep track of your children while allowing them the freedom to grow as individuals. If you set a geofence, an alert sent as soon as your kid is outside of the expected location, you can relax and let him have his space. Feel confident knowing that you can call or message anytime so you can focus on your daily routines while staying in touch. Enjoy peace of mind and let technology help achieve it.





Strap: Silicone

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Display Resolution: 240*240

Watchband Width: 20mm

Total Length: 22.5cm

Watch Net Weight :54g





(1) X Smart Watch

(1) X Magnetic Charging Cable

(1) XManual

 Please Note: 4G SIM NOT Included


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