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“I've owned this backpack for a few months now and it hasn't shown any signs of wearing down or falling apart. I love the scuba diving material as water just slips right off it. On top of that, it’s fantastic how much stuff this thing holds as well with all its various compartments. It's like travel luggage and a backpack all in one. It gives me peace of mind when traveling with a bunch of stuff in a neat package. Definitely recommend!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Kenton C.
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When traveling, there is an increased risk of theft, especially in unfamiliar and busy areas. To put that in perspective, 400,000 people around the world are pickpocketed every day. Nowadays, thieves typically work in groups, meticulously planning out their strategy to pickpocket people simply walking past them on the street. This is not the fault of the victim, but preventative measures can be taken that greatly reduce the opportunity for any type of theft to occur.

Introducing the TheftBag, a sleek backpack that protects the contents with a lock making it exponentially more difficult for a thief to steal from. The outside is deliberately coated with an anti-scratch material so that it can not be punctured by sharp objects. The bag comes equipped with USB charging capabilities, reinforced zippers, and hidden compartments for valuable items such as credit cards.




✅ CUT-PROOF FOR SECURITY: The outside material prevents knives and sharp objects from being able to penetrate the surface. Also, this maintains the quality appearance of the outside of the bag.    

✅ CHARGE ON THE GO: A USB charging port is built into the backpack to ensure that phones and tablets stay charged on the go. Simply connect a power bank to the port and then plug in a device to start charging it!

Hidden pockets are found on the strap of the bag to safely hold valuables close to the chest. The main compartment is protected by a lock and a user-created code for extra security.

✅ KEEP CONTENTS DRY AT ALL TIMES: The outside material allows water droplets to bounce off without soaking in and making the bag wet. Contents are left dry and traveling in the rain is harmless.

The zippers are reinforced with thick metal and engineered to withstand long-term use. The handle is ergonomically designed to promote ease of use. 



We understand how frustrating it can be to have your valuable possessions stolen when you are traveling and you are striving to have a worry-free day. This can put a damper on the trip and, more importantly, it is very stressful because now your wallet has to take a hit when you repurchase these items. Tablets, which cost an average of $363, are one of the most commonly pickpocketed items, and replacing one is the last thing we want to become a reality.

Thankfully, we can take a deep breath and sigh of relief knowing that we can come home with the same items that we left with. The TheftBag will protect all of your valuable, essential items that can not be lived without, even in the most crowded areas. Rain or shine, business trip or vacation, enjoy your travels stress-free with backpack contents safe behind a lock combination that only you know!



Product Specifications

Length: 13.4 in
Width: 7.1 in

Package Contents

(1) Anti-Theft Bag

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