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Premium Smoker Wood Chips


The MAGICSMOKE™ - ELECTRIC COCKTAIL SMOKER makes it possible to infuse a variety of foods and drinks with a natural smoky flavor, without adding any heat.

More Wood Chips = More Recipes and flavor combinations to choose from.

About the flavors:

Pecan and Oak

These are strong flavors, of the two, oak wood is lighter.

Pecan is similar to hickory but not quite so aggressive, it is more mellow and nuttier. Oak is a great place to start if you are a newbie to smoking. It will lend a medium to a strong flavor that is seldom overpowering.


Cherry and Apple

These chips are very mild with a subtly sweet, fruity flavor. They are for poultry, beef, pork (especially ham), game birds, lamb and some seafood, almost all meat and wine.



Creates a light sweet and fruity flavor that works great with pork, poultry and small game birds, also nice for cocktail.


Size: Weight: 60g/2oz


Package Includes:

1 x Natural Wood Chips


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